Sacred Sunday – Let’s Talk Tantra

Ciao Amica Mia,

Shall we?
Afterall, it’s one of those words that’s bandied about quite frequently these days.
Yet, it still surprises me, though I don’t know why, that in general when people hear the word Tantra, they automatically think – yep, the S word.
While there’s a very small percentage of Tantrica’s, that ascribe to sexual experimentation and practices as the way to enlightenment, it’s actually not the majority.
But, leave it to our Western culture to manipulate ancient teachings for self-gratification.
So, let me take a moment and clear up this misconception by starting with -what does Tantra really mean?
Actually, there are several layers of meaning.
Plus, Tantra is also a spiritual yogic text.
For our purposes today I want to begin with a simple translation of the word itself. Tantra is made up of two Sanskrit roots: tan and tra.
Tan = to expand                                                                       Tra = a device
What the root words are referring to is that Tantra is a device or method that expands wisdom. Another way of saying it, is that Tantra is a methodology that heightens awareness.
Tantra is a path for spiritual seekers. Those of us who are looking for a roadmap on the journey towards living with a higher level of consciousness.
Tantric yoga includes asana or poses. Meditation. Contemplation – of the self to the Self. And the study of spiritual texts.
The stream of Tantra I’m most aligned with asks me to be a spiritual grown-up and take responsibility for my life.
UGH, right?! But yes, it does indeed.
Tantra is the inner GPS that also asks me to live fully engaged.
It’s a way of life that long after my yoga mat is rolled up and put away, I continue to practice. I practice trying to live the best version of me.
Now the myths and stories of Tantric yoga, well they are an added bonus.
Even though they’re ancient, the mythologies help me make sense of my life.
The stories of the gods, goddesses, demons and deities give me courage to look in the mirror of radical self-truth and own my BS Limiters, inner critic, false beliefs and coulda, woulda, shoulda’s.
Tantric myths provide context and supports my path as I look at my inner demons or shadows.
When you walk the path as a Tantric yogi you are saying yes to life. With all that it offers.
The good, the bad, the inspiring.
And here’s the thing, if as a Tantric yogi you happen to enjoy great sex with a loving partner, well hip hip hooray!
But I digress…I wonder, how do you see Tantra in your life? Is it a guiding force? How does it support you? Do you consider yourself a Tantric yogi?
I invite you to grab a cup of your favorite beverage, settle in and contemplate these questions.
Much love and blessings to you on this Sacred Sunday.
Xoxo, Paulette

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