Wash My Mouth Out With Soap

Ciao Amica Mia,

Did you know that I’m from the generation that as a child was threatened with having soap put in your mouth if you used a cuss word?
It’s hard to imagine my sweet loving mother actually doing that. But on the other hand, she was a working woman with four rambunctious kids. So, who knows, I could be blocking the whole awful tasting incident from my mind.
What I do know is that if my mom were alive today, the way the F bombs have been shooting out like paint-ball pellets, I’m pretty sure she’d be whipping out a bar of, “99.44% pure clean, pure Ivory soap” and chasing me around the kitchen.
As if a global pandemic, ridiculously high heat in Arizona, slowly, very slowly declining positive Covid case numbers, world-wide lifting of the veils of social injustice, raging fires and for goodness sake, Carol Baskin getting away with murdering her first husband weren’t enough, I think a segment of the yoga world has lost its mind. Maybe it’s Covid fever? Lord know we humans consistently choose something or someone to blame.
I have to admit, this is a little like “he said, she said,” but I trust the purveyor of the information so I’m sharing the sentiment. In a yoga community Facebook group  –  someone seriously posted the below.
(Mind you, in Arizona where Corona virus numbers rose drastically, and in a state whose governance has attempted to look as if they were actually doing something preventative. And where mask wearing outdoors only recently became mandatory.)
But I digress. Our anonymous poster expressed that as a yogi she knows her body. Well I hope so as that is part of the practice.
Referring to mask wearing she added something to the effect, that jumping through all these hoops doesn’t feel like it’s honoring her body.
Plus, somewhere out there in internet world, there is a 14-slide presentation on how to trick your body into accepting invasive discomfort.
Make no mistake. I have participated in numerous alternative modalities and continue to do so. And I’m not talking about my early druggie years either.
I believe in the power of quantum physics, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, intuitive healers, shamans, labyrinth walking, prayer, mantra, meditation, visualization, limbic arc – a quantum energy application, sweat-lodge, goddess and fire ceremonies; and these are just a handful.
But for f*@# sake! Have we all gone stark raving mad? What about the science? Have we decided to ignore it?
I’m also quite aware that no one, even the experts, really understand how this virus works and what the best measures are in stemming the spread. But what really has pushed me off into the deep end is the immature and wacky thinking I have been witnessing in the yoga world.
If we go back to yoga scriptures, and any moral/ethical spiritual institution for that matter, caring for and being respectful of one another is a foundational principle.
Just so you know, I hate these frikin’ masks! Passionately!
Number one, even those silken custom-made little numbers, let’s face it, are not very attractive. And my lips get dry. Plus, I struggle with vertigo and wearing a mask aggravates the symptoms and causes me to feel light-headed.
I look around and see people wearing everything from N95’s to powder blue, anti-dust, anti-fog, anti-germ, anti-whatever disposable masks and in one moment it’s a common place sight and in the next breath I’m back to, what the f*@#, is this really happening.
Here’s the thing, I’m not an essential worker required to wear a mask 8-10 hours a day. I’m asked, and in some cases required to wear a mask out in public – if I can’t physically distance. When I’m shopping, mainly for groceries. Because what else do I need at this point? I’m not doing anything right now that requires much.
Books of course. I always need books. But I can download them to my kindle. Or have them delivered to my front porch. Mainly, I’m out shopping for food for f*@# sake!
I apologize if this isn’t quite my regular Sacred Sunday programming. But sometimes it’s imperative for a girl to breakaway from the bull shit and speak what’s on her mind.  
So do your homework my friend. Stay informed but be aware of where and from whom you’re getting your information.
Get on your mat or your cushion. Call a loved one and ask them how they’re feeling. Take a few deep breaths when you’re triggered. Like obviously I’ve needed to do.

Take a walk or a hike in nature. If you suspect the trails will be crowded – wear a mask.
Be respectful of your neighbors. It’s the yogic thing to do. We  don’t know everyone’s story or what they’re dealing with on the day to day.
And if you see someone without a mask no need to call them out, simply step away. Try and find the humor in the seam and cracks of life that we’re currently living in.
Please remember, we still have choice. We can choose to find humor, to find compassion, to find the ridiculousness in our human foibles and behavior.
And please remember this too, if you need to drop the F bomb, if it releases the tension in the valve of your mind and emotions, then have at it. But hide the soap first.
Sorry mom, but I must admit I feel so much better.
I hope you do as well.
Tanto tanto amore~~ xoxo Paulette

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