A Bundle of Joy!

Ciao Amica Mia,

I hope you’re well and enjoying this Sacred Sunday.

It’s been yet another emotion packed week.

With the massive amount of negativity that we’re faced with on a daily basis, I wanted to be the bearer of joy.

Please help me welcome my great-niece; yes, I did say great-niece, Francesca Madelyn. (Photos with permission from her Momma.)

Francesca Madelyn is the flipped version of my mother’s name, Madelyn Frances. I consider sweet baby-girl Frankie a legacy gift.

She weighed in at a whopping 5lbs. 14oz. Trust me, her mother isn’t much bigger!

One of my good friends texted me after seeing a photo of our precious Francesca, “babies and puppies-nothing but love!”

Isn’t that the truth!

With Covid and all, it wasn’t always an easy journey for my niece and her husband. Yet the promise of new life remains one of the greatest gifts of our shared human experience.

The purity and innocence of a new-born reminds us that once upon a time we too entered the world untarnished.

When you look upon a precious new being, inhale their perfection, touch the sweetness of their skin you can’t help but feel into their spirit.

And how thin the veil to the divine really is.

Babies not only hold promise for the future, they ask us to be present to our immense capability to love.

Holding a cherished new-born reawakens in us our own connection to the divine within and demands that our best self steps forward.

Watching the world through the eyes of a little one also reawakens our capacity to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

To feel the wonder of being alive.

On this Sacred Sunday

~~I wish for you a moment of remembrance that

the divine lives within you as you.

~~I wish for you a moment of pure wonder for the gift of this life.

~~I wish for you an expansion of love so great that you will breakaway from the bindings that constrict your heart, in order to break free

to create a life you thought was too late to live.

With so much love, xoxo Paulette

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