Ciao Amica Mia,
I see you!
In Tantric yoga philosophy there’s a teaching called, Vimarsa/Prakasa.
Simply put it means, I see you!
It’s a lot like looking into a mirror. What’s reflected back are aspects of you.
Some days what you see is, “wow, I’m doing pretty dang good.”
While other days, not so much.
I totally get those days when you succumb to the voices in your head and instead of trusting yourself, you feel doubt and regret.
Recently I’ve been in the company of, and have been privileged to work with, some incredible and powerful women who are determined not to get lost in feelings of irrelevancy and regret.
I imagine if you’re in my circle here that you’re one of them!

Yet, I also understand what it feels like to not trust you have your own back. I’ve been there.
And truth be told – some days I still feel that way.
But like I said last week, I believe that inside every woman is a deep longing to be
👂heard &
👍 What’s more is we need to honor the call.
You know that feeling. It’s like a pull deep inside of you to live life on your own terms.
Not a partner’s, boss, or family member’s ideal of what your life need look like.
But it gets scary to stand up and say, this is my life!
That’s why it’s important to be supported by someone you trust.
When you’re held in a container of insight, strategy and love a whole new level of possibility opens up for you.
💥Which is why I’m SO excited to announce that I’m accepting clients into my new program called, ROCK YOUR LIFE!
I have to admit – I’m really jazzed about this offering.
So, I have an invitation for you.
If you really want to take authorship of YOUR life, and write a new story, then this coaching immersion is it!

In the four steps of ROCK YOUR LIFE I help you to:  

Break Free from the BS you keep telling yourself and set the foundation for living your juiciest decade.

Embody Your Optimal Blueprint and sync up with all of life.  

Turn Your Inner Critic to Your Bestie and tap into the wisdom of your higher self.  

Your Most Thrilling Decade where you’ll walk away feeling fired-up and excited to live life the way you’ve always wanted – with grace and gusto!  

The thing is, when you fully align with your most sensual and creative self, you’ll master the art of showing up unapologetically. And rock your life.
If this feels like 💯 yes! It’s about damn time. Then set up a Breakaway call and let’s talk about getting started.
With so much love, xoxo Paulette
Work With Me
“Guided coaching with Paulette has transformed me, changed my perspective on life and has brought healing magic not only to myself but in all my relationships.” – DG

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