Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

I hope you’re feeling well and excited for the unfoldment of summer.

What a powerful weekend!

First, it’s Father’s Day – so to all of you amazing fathers, thank you for showing up with full hearts. The planet needs your high vibratory level of love, commitment and vision for a more balanced world.

And of course, it’s the Summer Solstice. “Hallelujah!”

The word solstice is derived from the Latin and means, “sun stand still.” For that is how it appears to the eye and just as our ancestors observed.

The Summer Solstice is an occasion of potency and one that has been honored and celebrated since ancient history.

I believe that it is each of our individual responsibilities to take time and honor the solstice in ways that feel in alignment with our unique natures.

Because we have forgotten the ways of our ancestors, we have created a world out of sync and misaligned.

Globally we have forgotten to honor the sacred cycles of Nature.

When did we stop honoring Nature Herself?

We’re so busy getting here and there, arriving Nowhere.

No longer do we walk barefoot on the earth simply to feel the delicate hum of aliveness under our feet.

Instead, we encase and restrict our feet suffocating them while we stomp heavily upon concrete barriers disconnecting us further from that which gives us life.

The Summer Solstice is symbolically believed to be a suspended moment when the veil between worlds is gauzy-thin and accessible.

A shift occurs and the connection to our ancestors is amplified.

The great news: you and I have an opportunity to connect to those who have walked the journey before us and invoke their wisdom and guidance.

It is also a time to celebrate the return of the light of the sun and the great fire of consciousness.

The Summer Solstice is ideal for self-reflection, self-inquiry and ritual.

You might ask yourself, what do I need to offer into the Great Bonfire of Consciousness to be transformed into Insight, Passion and Direction?

I invite you this Sacred Sunday and Summer Solstice to gift yourself with a special rite or ceremony to honor the Light of awareness within – as you honor the Light of the external sun.

May you begin anew.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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