STOP Turning Away!

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

Many of you are feeling reenergized and inspired with the onset of autumn. I’m happy to hear how you’re brimming with creative ideas and strategic and enjoyable action plans.

Yet, this week I’ve also heard the opposite.

How you’re feeling sad, lonely, overwhelmed, anxious, confused and totally afraid for the future.

I don’t know about you love, but I totally get it.

The world is an uncertain place right now. Nothing is the same as it was 20 months ago, nor do we know what tomorrow brings.

But the truth is, life is always uncertain. And we never know what tomorrow will bring.

The uncertainty simply feels bigger. Magnified.

It’s like when we look in the mirror and see the years played out on our face. Some days you look and think, “not so bad for an old Breakaway girl/guy.”

And then of course there are plenty of days when the only thing you can say is, “WTF! Who are you?”

🌊Negative limiting thoughts and emotions hit us in waves. And if we don’t acknowledge them, they can pull us under like an ocean current.

Nor am I condoning spiritual by-passing.

🧘🏻‍♀️No sitting in your room trying to meditate the fear away. No 108 daily affirmations putting all your emotional eggs in the law of attraction basket.

Absolutely not!

Sure, those strategies help, I use them. But they only support you in the moment or for a couple of days. They’re only pieces of the transformation puzzle.

👀The fact is you gotta look at the crap that arises. ‘Cause it’s not going away by buffering.

The thing is you also can’t wallow in it. Oh no my friend, that would quickly become a shitstorm.

You need to be a badass and look at and acknowledge what old patterns, old tapes are playing round and round in your head.

The question is, while these re-occurring voices and mechanisms may have served you in the past, do they serve you still?

❓Or are they so habitual that you just “think” they’re helping

❓I’m curious, do you recognize when you’re falling in the trap of your triggers

❓And if you are aware that some “other” has taken hold of your brain, do you know how to stop the BS limiters before you’re swallowed up in the undertow

Believe me, I can totally be drawn into the dangerous dance of shadow play. Where I allow the darkness to be the leader and I the follower.

Dare I admit that I used to sorta kinda like it!

The drama of it all was a little bit like the drugs I took long ago. A quick buzz or a longer drawn-out dizzying numbing out.

You get the picture.

With committed personal work I now sense when I’m sauntering towards the danger zone. And I do NOT like it at all. It’s not the high I want.

💖I crave the high of more joy. More love. More peace.

How about you? What do you desire more of?

I have a couple of simple suggestions for you when you’re feeling a tug towards the dark side.

Don’t fight it❗️

Don’t buffer it❗️

Don’t ignore it❗️

Become adept at the pause between the stimulus and response.

Grace resides in the pause.

The pause is where your Legacy Self resides. And if you give your Higher Self a chance, she’ll hold you and guide you through the next breath. And the next.

Ultimately holding you still while you face whatever demon is rising.

🙌And instead of turning away from what’s scaring you, what’s triggering you, you become more skillful at just being with it.

Simple. Though not always easy.

However, like anything else worth pursuing, it takes practice.

My wish for you this week is to pay attention and BE with the pause.

Encourage your Legacy Self to show up more by generating gratitude and kindness towards yourself.

I urge you to practice, practice, practice.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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