“Let’s get the cussing out of the way.”

Rushing river sounds

Laughter floating on a breeze

One white butterfly

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

I hope this week finds you well and thriving. For those of you in Arizona I’m wishing you gentle rain and an ease from the intense heat.

For us, it’s officially glamping season. This week we loaded up the dogs and the RV to meet friends from Mesa, Arizona at our Happy Place.

Home to the wild horses and blue herons.

We camped here on and off through the year we lived full-time in the RV before settling down in Southern Oregon. It was our happy place for very many reasons.

It’s a small park off the beaten track and you pretty much need to know its location or driving the narrow dirt roads to get there, especially in a trailer or RV, you’d question your sanity.

😇But once you arrive, oh my.

Because of the natural beauty, this place found its way into our hearts.

The sight and sound of the rapids rushing over the boulders, a lone heron sitting regally upon a rock, sunlight glistening off her blue gray feathers, eagles nesting in the trees nearby, and the wild horses grazing in front of your campsite; nirvana.

Yet, what happens when your expectation to share these wonders with friends don’t materialize?

Has that ever happened to you?

You’re so excited and jazzed to share an experience that has awed you, shifted you in ways that are difficult to articulate.

You know, then the singer is off key, the chef is having a tizzy fit, the heron is nowhere to be seen and the horses, the magnificent horses have taken a hiatus.

~Does the place of your heart still carry its magic?

~Can you stay mindful and present to what is instead of bemoaning what was?

~Are you able to be open to what’s possible while still appreciating what initially moved you?

It’s not easy.

Life is not always easy.

We’re only human after all. Beings born of stardust encased in physical form on a journey of enlightenment.

I don’t know about you, but the way things have been unfolding lately, we humans may need to repeat “Awaken 101”.

Is it possible though, that when things don’t show up the way we expect that if you and I remain open and observant, perhaps we will see something new?  

😡Truth be told, I hate when that happens. My little girl wants to stomp her feet and cuss.

Well, if you know me, the cussing most likely will still happen. Until I remember to get over it and I coach myself – life isn’t all about you Paulette. What you want to happen in the way you want it to show up doesn’t mean a dang thing.

Yep, “life is like a box of chocolates” for sure.

The reality, life isn’t here to serve me. Or you either my friend.

Instead, you and I are here to serve life.

Circling back, was our time spent in our happy place, happy despite the loss of expectations?

Here’s the thing, if you can’t find joy in your heart while spending time with good friends, sharing meals and conversation in a setting that soothes the spirit and reconnects you to the elements, then it’s time for a repeat of first grade.

❓I’m curious my friend, do you have a happy place

❓What makes it so

❓Is it place, people or both

❓If plans don’t go exactly as you hoped, are you able to quickly reassess and readjust

❓Does the attitude adjustment depend on the circumstance and situation

If yes, great! Good on you. You’re doing your homework.

❓If not, why

❓And what are you going to do about it

No doubt, the times we live in are uncertain. And still, life will go on with or without you. Happy and joyful, disappointed, or diminished.

My advice, best get the cussing out of the way. Then get down to the business of living fully.

This is your one precious life my dear heart. How do you want to live it?

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

P.S. I’m here to support you on this journey of awakening. Do not feel embarrassed to reach out if you need a little support. We need one another.

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