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BreakAway from Your Internal BS Limiters
& Step into Authorship of Your Life

“Through real coaching and intelligent conversation, The Breakaway Academy Radio Show is designed to be a resource to help you break away from the mental and emotional constructs that stop you from living like your life doesn’t matter; and start living like you mean it. Now is the time to show up fully, warts and all, and own your life.”

With her no-nonsense, humorous and sometimes irreverent approach to personal growth and leadership, Paulette is determined to help you break away from what is keeping you stuck in the muck of your story; so that you can break free, claim your power, take action and learn to live your legacy of greatness today.

Bio: Paulette is an international speaker, Certified Integrative Empowerment Coach, Founder of The Breakaway Academy and an Amazon best-selling author.


Intro to The Breakaway Academy Radio Show: Learn whether you’re a Breakaway Girl, or Guy. And why it’s important that you are.
Radio show #2:   What It Means to Live Your Legacy Today: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late
RADIO SHOW #3: Learn About the Three Super-Powers That Will Turbo-Boost Your Legacy Life – Purpose/Passion/Vision
RADIO SHOW #4: What Are Your Ancient Mind-Body Doshas (Physiology) and Why Your Destiny Hangs in the Balance – Self-Awareness/Tridoshas/Legacy DNA
RADIO SHOW #5: How To Turn On Your Inner GPS and Chart a Course To Your Legacy – Understanding Clarity, Core Values and Manifestation of Dharma
RADIO SHOW #6: Turn Your Dimmer Switch Up Full Blast – Clarify Whether Your Inner Critic is Friend, Foe, or Frenemy
RADIO SHOW #7: Plug Into Your #1 Power Source to Fire Up Your Life, Business and Legacy – Cultivating Confidence
RADIO SHOW #8: How To Turn Your Inner Dimmer Switch Up Full Blast And learn to stand in your Legacy Self – The Koshas: the veils that dim your light
RADIO SHOW #9: How To Embody Your Life’s Desires – The Science & Power of Yoga
RADIO SHOW #10: How to Master the Magic of Creative Disruption – It’s more than you think